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The Club will aim at promoting a business-friendly environment, meaningful institutional dialogue and cooperation and academic relations on economics between Romania and Poland. It was created at the initiative of the Embassy of Romania in Warsaw and has been supported by prominent members of Romanian and Polish business communities and academic circles.



Non-institutionalized, non-profit, interactive business-owned platform for meetings, B-to-B contacts, exchange of insightful views & timely information, promotion of sustainable bilateral projects.



Romanian and Polish companies, institutions, organizations and academic R&D entities interested in developing business-related bilateral relations and partnerships.

Membership - free of charge.

Participation in certain activities might require a contribution.

Registration on and access to the RO-PL Business Club website will require a fee.



  • Creating a functional network of companies, institutions, organizations, academic and other business-connected entities from Romania and Poland
  • Providing an interactive platform for business-to-business contacts and project-oriented cooperation
  • Facilitating the dissemination of information on macro-economic & market  trends, business - relevant legislation and environment in Romania and Poland
  • Assisting Members in their dialogue with Polish and Romanian authorities
  • Developing creative, new cooperation mechanisms between Romania and Poland that could promote innovation, trade and mutual investments
  • Promoting RO-PL sectorial partnerships on third markets and the transfer of good practices / expertise, in a win-win logic, between:
    • Private and public companies
    • Financial institutions & organizations
    • Companies, central and local institutions / authorities
    • Companies, academia, R&D entities
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and enhancing visibility of businesses and successful projects that have proven their viability in the last years
  • Stimulating strategic debates and exchange of opinions, on topics of common interest




  • Quarterly meetings of the Members, networking
  • Creating a special website - as an interactive platform for promoting business contacts and new projects
  • Organizing seminars, conferences and workshops under the patronage / with the participation of Polish and Romanian personalities who carry out economic or research activities in areas of common interest
  • Setting up a database containing information on institutions, federations, associations and organizations whose activities are of interest to Members
  • Generating and sustaining PR projects of common interest to Members
  • Lobbying relevant Polish and Romanian central and local authorities, for supporting the interests of Members
  • Conducting information campaigns regarding the Club’s objectives and activities


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